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HERMES ELEVATOR Co,Ltd  fully demonstrates the human intelligence from the top and fine all computerized network data system. It brings about the more perfect and flexible systematic functions. It sets the highly intellectual micro-computer modules inside the system. Under the coordinated planning of the loop communication networks, it accepts the related program instructions and implements the most secure, accurate, efficient management control towards the lift running. Under the conditions of not changing the hardware allocations, special-purpose modular structure can adjust the system parameters in the construction site. In this way, it can rapidly and economically adapt to the variations in aspects of the architecture.


Signal Processing System Based on Microprocessor
  • Powerful Motorola 32 bytes CPU for high efficient and real-time data processing.
  • With which the high efficient direct arrival being got, based on distance principle as well as the perfect comfort ability and leveling accuracy.
  • Group control up to & elevator.
  • SMS for quadruple protections, high efficient and safe door pre-opening.
  • Meeting a variety of demands form different customers by our complete function sets.


Database Management
  • Supporting MS Windows / MS WinNT / Novell.
  • GSM wireless remote adjustment.
Network-Modules and Intelligence Passenger Elevator Control System
  • Permanent preventative maintenance.
  • Low cost system administration.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Visualization, recording, diagnosis, remote access, remote parameterizing.
  • Remote monitoring via telephone modem.
  • Recall on demand via modem.
  • Programmable circular call to all system.
  • Elevator attendant functions according to the regulations
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